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Who are we?

AgroField Solution regroups a team of experts and innovators determined to contribute to resolving Agricultural Challenges. Today, the world understands agriculture requires a collective effort from professionals with a common goal to achieve exceptional and sustainable results on any parcel of land. We have selected, vetted and partnered with the best companies, teams and individuals to offer disruptive technologies and skills to help play our part in the world's quest to eradicate hunger forever.

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AgroField Solution is a consulting firm committed to play its part in solving agricultural challenges by providing access to the best quality of products and technology available in the Agricultural market, along with training and consultation services from the most reputable AG Experts.


We aim to bring together the best hands in the field to collectively come up with the practical and sustainable  Solutions, Strategies, Products and Services to help rural farmers, private producers and organizations reach their potentials and obtain optimum results.

Through agriculture, we aim to resolve some of the world's most complex issues: Climate Change, Water Scarcity, Adequate Nutrition and Health. With an ever-changing ecosystem, regrouping experts and technologies to create adequate solutions becomes a necessity, and we understand that.

Meet Our Founder

Born in Senegal, Malick Guindo emigrated to the United Stated at the age of 17 and lived there for 20 years until his permanent return to his home country in 2021. School, mentorships and entrepreneurial experiences have strengthened his skills and help him develop a keen business acumen.

Malick had an early exposure to agriculture as he spent holiday at his father's farm in which they practice poultry and livestock farming.

His passion in agriculture and broad network in different industries served as a catalyst to serve and impact the African agricultural market with sustainable solutions.

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